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You will meet just about every contractor and vendor you will ever need... it's called the "Million Dollar Event" of the year.

FREE seminars, where you will discover money-making and money-saving ideas, will be presented on Thursday, October 19th, 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The whole day is FREE

It won't cost you a dime. You see, the 100 plus contractors, vendors and speakers get together and pay the rent for the Convention hall. They provide all the chairs for the huge seminars AND cover all the other expenses. It costs them over $100,000 to put on this show... just for you! You will definitely want to take advantage of this one, big, valuable money-making and money-saving opportunity.

Union Rescue Mission’s “Christmas in October” Toy Drive
Apartment owners have been especially kind in supporting the Union Rescue Mission at every AOA Trade Show with their donations. This year, the Mission is asking that we again support their “Annual Christmas Store”. They make four days in December available to poor and homeless families who cannot afford to buy Christmas presents. Please help us stock their shelves by bringing a new, unwrapped toy for infants, toddlers, elementary ages and teenagers. You can help make a difference!

Million Dollar Trade Show


  • 7:30 AM

    Dan Faller AOA President

    Dan C. Faller
    AOA President

    7:30 AM
    Area A

    "Discover the 7-Step Success System on How to Make and Keep Millions (Been There, Done That)"

    • How one simple step can double your income
    • How to always be in the upper 3%
    • Two proven formulas to create wealth in real estate
  • 9:00 AM

    Karla Dennis

    Karla Dennis
    Tax Specialist

    9:00 AM
    Area A

    "How to Write Off Almost Anything"

    • Discover the two groups of taxpayers
    • How to keep more money in your pocket
    • How the wealthy stay wealthy
    Nick Sidoti Dr. Cashflow

    Nick Sidoti
    "Dr. Cashflow"

    9:00 AM
    Area B

    "How to Get Three Times the Market Rent Guaranteed by the Government Without Section 8"

    • How to increase profits and reduce tenant headaches
    • How to choose tenants that will make you wealthy
    • How to get tenants to stuff your mailbox full of money
  • 11:00 AM

    Dan Eckelman Tax Lien Specialist

    Dan Eckelman
    Tax Lien Specialist

    11:00 AM
    Area B

    "Discover How to Make 16% Interest with Tax Liens"

    • How to use the most lucrative financial opportunity in America
    • How to acquire real estate for only 25% of the value of the property
    • How to build your fortune starting with any dollar amount
  • 1:15 PM

    Dennis Block

    Dennis Block
    Eviction Attorney

    3:15 PM
    Area A

    "HUD’S New Guidelines on Tenant Screening & Criminal Background Checks"

    • How HUD has changed the rules with Criminal Background Screening
    • Who you don’t have to rent to
    • New requirements of a rental owner
    Aaron Dent

    Aaron Dent
    Financial Specialist

    1:15 PM
    Area B

    "How to Trade for Income"

    • Why the stock market is a great way to diversify
    • Why direction doesn’t matter
    • How to take control of your trading decisions
  • 3:15 PM

    Michael Brennan

    Michael Brennan

    3:15 PM
    Area A

    "Maintenance & Repair of Rental Units and Landlord Inspection Rights"

    • The landlord’s obligation to provide habitable premises
    • The landlord’s inspection rights
    • Pitfalls and potential claims/lawsuits by tenants
    Bruce Norris The Norris Group

    Bruce Norris
    The Norris Group

    3:15 PM
    Area B

    "Is It Time to Exit California Real Estate?"

    • 8 factors needed to reach a peak price
    • 6 signs to watch for to know a peak is here
    • And where the California market currently stands
  • 4:30 PM

    Dale West

    Dale West
    Asset Protection Specialist

    4:30 PM
    Area B

    "Strategies on Tax Reduction, Lawsuit Protection & Estate Planning"

    • How to lower your taxes up to 45%
    • Legally cut capital gains to zero
    • Protect yourself from all lawsuits

  • Arena 1

    10:00 a.m. Arena 1

    Bob Horning, H&S Wealth Management

    “I Could Sell My Apartments, But Then What? 1031 Exchange Options”

    10:30 a.m. Arena 1

    Anthony Miller, AOA Insurance Program

    “How to Protect Yourself Against Rising Tenant Discrimination Claims”

    12:50 p.m. Arena 1

    Warren Thomas, ExchangeRight Real Estate

    “1031 Exchange: The Basics and Replacement Property Options”

    2:20 p.m. Arena 1

    Tony Watson, Robert Hall & Associates

    “Top Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Investor”

    2:50 p.m. Arena 1

    Bob Horning, H&S Wealth Management

    "1031 Exchange Options - How to Own Real Estate Without Owning Real Estate"

    Arena 2

    10:00 a.m. Arena 2

    Paul Herman, SRS Retrofit

    “Making an Educated Decision for Soft Story Retrofitting”

    10:30 a.m. Arena 2

    H.G. Long, Law Group

    “BASTA - The Eviction Defense Network - Shriver - LA Legal Aid and Their Real Motivation and Jury Trials”

    12:50 p.m. Arena 2

    Tweed Financial

    “Get the Latest Updates on Real Estate, Interest Rates, Cap Rates and
    1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges”

    2:20 p.m. Arena 2

    Simon James, Penhall Company

    “Soft-Story Retrofitting 101 – LA Edition”

    2:50 p.m. Arena 2

    Daniel C. Faller, AOA President

    "How to Stop the Trash Monopoly"

* port taxes, registration and fees not included.

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