This article was posted on Monday, May 03, 2021

The following are 10 tips on how to achieve a seasonal marketing overhaul.

  • Take New Photos

Spring is when the flowers look their very best, when the skies are crystal blue, the summer haze has not yet set in and leaves on trees are multiple shades of green.  Shoot new photos with all of your supplier partners at that time or if it’s in your budget, have photos taken by a professional and update your advertisements, Internet listings and marketing materials.

  • Paint Offices and Replace Flooring

Carpeting companies often will install carpet at a discount in offices if the customer has conducted significant business with that vendor in the past.  Sometimes, painters will too.

  • Freshen Up Signage

Clean mildew and cobwebs from signage and repaint it with fresh colors.  It can save your community more than $1,000 in sign-replacement costs.

  • Print New Guest Cards

Use spring colors!  Prior to printing, ask your staff if any changes or updates need to be made to the cards.

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  • Review All Internet Listing Services

Take a fresh look at each service and update wording, bullet points and photos.  Make sure the critical information is accurate and clear.

  •  Extend Office Hours

Most communities extend their hours during the busy summer leasing season, so be sure that ads, collateral and signage reflect this change.

  • Shop the Staff

Reward what they are doing well and encourage improvement when necessary.

  • Set Leasing and Marketing Team Goals

Believe it or not, leasing team close ratios typically decline during the peak leasing season.  Time spent by staff per client and per phone call decreases, too, because traffic typically picks up and there are so many more leads.  Keep staff members sharp by setting goals for excellence.

  • Brush Up on “Old” Skills

Select various team members to share tried-and-true training tips each week at staff meetings.

  • Change Something

  With spring comes new.  So…

  • Add a new flowerpot to the entrance with ivy cascading down the sides or 
  • Add window boxes to the office windows 
  • Replace a worn-out doormat. 
  • Illuminate the trees in front of your office with colorful up-lighting  
  • Update banners and flags.  

In short, just change something.  Brainstorm or create a new banner with the leasing team that doesn’t offer concessions or read “Now Leasing.”  Send a new message that is season-appropriate like:

  • “Stop and Smell the Roses in Your New Home” or 
  • “Get Some Fresh Air at (fill in the blank) Apartment Homes” or
  • “Spring is Lovelier at (fill in the blank) Apartment Homes.”

Or tell the community’s unique story such as: 

  • “Biggest 2BR in Town!” or
  • “Rated No. 1 in Customer Service” or
  • “Our Residents Live Longer – Discover Our Fabulous Fitness Center and See Why”


Reprinted with permission of the San Antonio Apartment Association.