This article was posted on Friday, Mar 01, 2013

You’ll want to remember to mark your calendars for the big “Million Dollar Trade Show and Landlording Conference” next month.  The big show will be held on Thursday, April 25th at the Long Beach Convention Center in Hall C, 300 East Ocean!

You’ll meet vendors galore with new products and services; you can attend FREE landlording seminars and have chances to win some great prizes.  Who knows, you may even go home with a new iPad or a cruise for two!

FREE ADMISSION?   All we ask is that you please bring a couple of CANNED goods for the Union Rescue Mission food drive.

Our main goal is that you walk away with just one idea to help you make and/or keep more money than ever before.  You’ll want to attend our FREE landlording seminars which will include: 

  • The 7 Step Success System on How to Make and Keep Millions, (Been There, Done That), by Dan Faller, AOA’s President 
  • Discover the Newest Requirements for Apartment Managers and Avoid Being Sued by Dale S. Alberstone, Esq.  
  • How to Get Three Times the Market Rent Without Section 8 by Nick Sidoti, “Dr. Cash Flow” 
  • How to Evict Gang Bangers, Drug Dealers and Nuisance Tenants – by Stephen Duringer, Attorney 
  • Discover How to Make 16% Interest With Tax Liens by Wayne Grey, Tax Lien Specialist  
  • How to Properly Screen Your Tenants and Avoid Other Landlord Pitfalls by Attorney Dennis P. Block 
  • Is the Real Estate Market Poised to Pop? by Bruce Norris, Foreclosure Specialist 
  • Discover How to Avoid Fair Housing and Discrimination Lawsuits by Michael Brennan, Attorney 
  • The Latest Cutting-Edge Strategies on Tax Reduction, Lawsuit Protection and Estate Planning by Bud Lethbridge, Asset Protection Expert

 Be sure to check out the times of each of our FREE LANDLORDING SEMINARS listed in next month’s issue. It is going to be AOA “Show Time” and you’ll need and want to be there.   Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 25th!  See you at the big show! To preregister visit

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