This article was posted on Tuesday, Apr 01, 2014
  1.  Cannot pay the security deposit or fees in advance.
  2. Has a credit history of unpaid bills, collections, liens or judgments or has no  credit history.
  3. Has an unacceptable debt-to-income ratio.
  4. Is an unmarried minor with no responsible adult to co-sign the rental agreement.
  5. Previous landlord was not given proper notice or would not re-rent to the applicant.
  6. Previous landlord has given the applicant written notices for noncompliance
  7. Cannot provide two forms of identification (one photo).
  8. Fails to complete and sign the rental application.   One for each adult 18 years or older.
  9. Falsifies information on any form.
  10. Will not furnish references from at least two previous landlords.
  11. Has more people than permitted by legally adopted occupancy guidelines.
  12. Has pets  [not comfort or service animals]  and your policy firmly prohibits them.
  13. Has a  waterbed and your policy firmly prohibits them (you can require insurance).
  14. Has a history of property destruction.
  15. Has a history of disturbing neighbors.
  16. Has certain types of criminal convictions, civil judgments or eviction judgments.
  17. Plans to use the premises for something other than living purposes, such as a business.
  18. Does not earn enough to qualify for the rent which you are asking.
  19. Writes  an initial check that is not honored by the bank.
  20. Cannot  pay the full month’s rent in advance.

Editor’s Note:  Remember, when you reject an applicant, you must give or mail them a written tenant rejection notice with required information and contact numbers.  AOA members may obtain the Tenant Rejection Notice, Form #140 by visiting 

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