Tips to Prepare for a Wet Season: Rain or Shine, Be Prepared! Interview with Mark Sanchez, ACC Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Water intrusion happens, whether it’s from a heavy rain, flood or plumbing malfunction, when it occurs it’s important to know how to battle mold growth.  In this interview, Mark shares his tips on how to keep water out of your building and prevent a mold problem from starting and turning hazardous.

Three Ways to Track Your Apartment Advertising Like a Hawk © – By Ernest F. Oriente, The Coach

Tired of pouring endless money into advertising?  Do you wonder which ads are “REALLY” working for the properties you manage?  Would you like a bullet-proof system for capturing the results from your advertising?  Below are three concepts that will enable you to track your advertising like a hawk!  Really, it’s that simple!

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