This article was posted on Thursday, Jan 01, 2015

The importance of having a maintenance schedule is so that any minor maintenance projects won’t become a major repair.  Many potential problems can be avoided by following a maintenance program.  Although things do break or need repairs, I hope this [suggested] month to month schedule will help avoid those costly repairs. 


  • Change your disposable air filters and wash all permanent filters
  • Change batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 


  • Check all cords on appliances for wear (electric tape or replace)
  • Clean dust on the back panel of your fridge 


  • Check the outside of your property for insect infestation
  • Check the roof for any damage from winter 


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  • Check all windows and sliding door screens for holes (patch where necessary)
  • Remove all the screens and clean them (reinstall) 


  • Turn on all outside faucets or spouts to check for winter freeze
  • Check your siding for weathering, mildew or popped nails 


  • Change your disposable air filters and wash all permanent filters
  • Shut off power to water heater then flush it out to remove any sediment.  Refill 


  • Check your patios, decks, driveways and walkways for any cracks or split wood
  • Fill in any cracks in concrete driveways and walkways.  Replace any split wood. 


  • Check outside of property to see if it needs painting or staining and touch up
  • Check all drainage on outside of property and improve where needed 


  • If you have any sun lights, make sure the flashing is still intact
  • Check that all thermostats work properly 


  • Have your furnace and chimney cleaned
  • Clean all outside gutters and downspouts 


  • Check all the weather stripping around all the doors and windows and replace if necessary
  • Protect your plants and soil from the winter freeze 


  • Check how well your electrical system is before using a lot of holiday lights. 

Reprinted from the Rental Housing Association, UPDATE.