New Senate and Assembly Bills that Impact Property Owners, Housing Availability and Affordability – By Joe Washburn

AB 2819 – Hides Tenant Defaults Indefinitely Requires unlawful detainer proceedings to be hidden permanently unless the property owner prevails on a default judgment, summary judgment, trial, or stipulations by all parties.  Allows rent cheats to hide their bad actions and perpetrate harm on other property owners by keeping the unlawful detainer proceedings hidden from…

Questions and Answers About the Campbell Rent Increase Dispute Resolution Program

What Is The Dispute Resolution Process? The Rent Increase Dispute Resolution Ordinance establishes a process for resolution of tenant/landlord disputes concerning rent increases, housing services or proposed evictions. The City, acting through Project Sentinel will provide information, counseling, conciliation and mediation services to residents and owners of rental property in the City of Campbell.