This article was posted on Tuesday, Aug 01, 2017

Today, multifamily housing investors look for renovation ideas that offer them optimal utilization of available space within their budget. A professional renovation contractor can help you augment the exteriors and interiors of your home aligned with your business objectives. Every year the multifamily industry witnesses change in home remodeling and designing trends and 2017 is no different. Continuing the discussion further, we take a look at some popular multifamily renovation trends to watch for in 2017.
Wide-Open Spaces
We all need our personal space, so why not have some space for your occupants? Multifamily property owners undertaking renovation or remodeling projects are providing spacious rooms or wide-open spaces such as a balcony in every apartment. Hiring a professional remodeling and design company can help you ensure maximum utilization of your property while ensuring enough space for free movement within the unit.

Granite Decorations
Contemporary renters look for affordable multifamily housing units that offer them luxury without breaking the bank. This is why decorating multifamily rental units can never be out of trend. It can only evolve. Granite has always been a popular choice for flooring, but today it has slowly cropped its way to countertops, table tops, and even clocks. When undertaking a renovation project, multifamily property owners should look at granite more than just a flooring option. 

Bold and Unique Colors
Multifamily property owners are now getting more experimental than ever. They are experimenting with bold and unique color combinations to make their property stand apart from the competition. You can even try multi-colored exteriors and wallpapers that are in trend to create attractive spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Provisions
Multifamily property owners are optimizing outdoor spaces by adding an outdoor kitchen along with dining provisions. Having an outdoor kitchen allows tenants to utilize the space for parties and celebration, without disturbing their home interiors. If you are planning to provide a furnished apartment, incorporating several decorations, such as wooden seating and chic lighting can help you enhance the appeal of your home. 

Wrapping Up

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  • Incorporating latest renovation trends gives a fresh appeal to multifamily property, thereby making it more attractive.
  • Tenants today like modern settings where they can relax and enjoy without having to break the bank.
  • It is, therefore, important when remodeling your property to optimize the spaces and install modern amenities to enhance its rentability.
  • Hiring a reputable remodeling and design company will help you make the most out of your investment by implementing latest trends in your rental property within your budget.


Reprinted with permission of Multifamily Insiders.