AOA is committed to assisting housing providers during this coronavirus pandemic, and as part of our commitment, we have started this petition, asking Governor Gavin Newsom, for relief for housing providers.

Legal Q & A By-Richard Beckman

   Question 1: My tenant complained about mold after a recent rain, and it’s the first I’ve heard of any problem with any water intrusion into the apartment (apparently, there was a cracked window that allowed a small amount of moisture to seep in which eventually resulted in mold below the window). The tenant is threatening…

Legal Q & A By-Franco Simone

  Q: Another landlord I know told me that my rental property is exempt from California rent control known as the Tenant Protection Act of 2019. What types of rental properties are exempt from rent control?

Legal Q & A By-Dennis Block

Question One: I recently purchased a house at a foreclosure sale. The previous owner refuses to talk to me and states he will not be vacating the house. He told me that I would be arrested as a trespasser if I came back to the house. How can this be since I am the owner…