OPPOSE AB 828 – FREE RENT! By- Michael Millman

Dear friends, it may be beneficial to examine the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution:  “No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty or property … without due process of law … nor shall private property … be taken …for public use …without just compensation …”

The “Big Lie” Behind COVID-19 – Part 1

A version of this article by Porter Stansberry first appeared on April 17, 2020 in The Stansberry Digest, published by Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, an independent investment research firm.  You can visit them at www.stansberryresearch.com.   Recently, an old friend said to me, Porter, I’m almost afraid to ask… but what do you think…

DID YOU KNOW By- Dennis Block

COVID-19   Rent Deferment The City of San Diego has instituted a temporary moratorium on residential and commercial evictions, due to nonpayment of rent.  It is based on when the tenant demonstrates a substantial decrease in income or substantial out-of-pocket medical expenses, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Protection for Renters During the COVID-19 Crisis By- David Finkelstein and Kristin Lemke

Governor Newsom proclaimed a State of Emergency in California on March 4, 2020 and thereafter issued Executive Order N-28-20 to protect renters affected by COVID-19 from eviction. The Executive Order, in part, suspends state law limitations on local jurisdictions that impose restrictions on evictions, giving local governments the authority to place restrictions on evictions for…