This article was posted on Wednesday, Jun 01, 2016

Being a landlord inevitably includes dealing with tenant complaints.  Managing those complaints promptly and effectively is essential for your relationships with the tenants, the security of your property and last but not least – for your landlord’s reputation. 

If you approach the problems in a professional manner, you are definitely going to lessen the chance of some legal issues as well.

Here are the four most common tenant complaints and a few useful tips on how to deal with them.  Some of them can occur during the tenancy period, but others you can easily foresee and handle in advance. 

The Property is Not Clean Enough

Absolutely no tenant will be pleased by the thought that they will have to start cleaning the property from the very second they move in.  In fact, few people will be willing to rent a place where domestic cleaning hasn’t been done since forever.  So, it is a great idea for you to give your rental property a good cleaning before new tenants come and avoid starting your relationship making the wrong impression.  In case you are not capable of taking proper care of the hygiene, maybe you should hire a professional cleaning company at least a week before the scheduled moving day.  Make sure no stains and dust will greet your tenants as they go through the door. 

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Something Does Not Work Properly

Appliances and facilities just stop working sometimes; it happens no matter that no one wants it.  Test all domestic appliances in advance to prevent complaints from your new tenants.

In case the same person has been renting your property for a certain period of time, make sure you respond immediately to their signal.  A clogged sink or an oven which cannot heat may be or not be your tenant’s fault, but you have to handle the matter in both cases.  Check the issue as quickly as you can and make an appointment with an expert if you are not capable of dealing with the problem by yourself.  Warn the renter when to expect a plumber for example and pay for the service.  You can figure out who is financially responsible after the specialist has done their job and things are under control again. 

Pest Complaints

Regardless of how clean the tenant keeps your property, unfortunately pests can always invade it due to many reasons other than irregular cleaning.  If the adjacent apartments, for example, have been infested with mice or bugs, this can turn out to be a great problem.  As a decent landlord, you should react immediately to such complaints. 

The best thing you can do when it comes to pest control is to hire an exterminator to handle the pests in your property. It will be wise of you to schedule a second appointment after seven to 10 days and thus ensure the safety of both your property and tenants. 

Inoperative Keys

If you are not a first-time landlord, you should not at all be surprised by such a complaint from your tenants.  Keep an extra set of keys at your disposal for emergency situations.  Should you find that the lock is hard to open, it would be wise to change it as soon as possible or you may have to change the whole door is somebody gets locked inside eventually.

Buying and installing a new lock promptly will make things much easier for you and your tenants.  Do not forget to change the locks every time when a tenant ends your contract as an additional security measure. 

Doing your best to help your tenants will always be appreciated, so do not hide when they complain about something.  After all, renting a property is a kind of job and you will have to do it well if you want to get your rent on time.