This article was posted on Monday, Jul 01, 2019

Looking for simple and inexpensive ways to boost your property value? Here are five easy “Do it Yourself” projects that can add value to your rental property, especially if you are on a tight budget, from maintenance company Keepe. Use this guide to pick the best do-it-yourself projects that save you money and increase your property’s appeal.1. Landscape and Garden

One of the biggest factors in curb appeal is landscaping. Add low-maintenance plants and garden features to improve the look of your outdoor space. Adding a few colorful flowers and greenery will express your investment in your property. Depending on your environment and location, pick plants that will work for your property year-round.

2. Light Fixtures

Swap outdated light fixtures with new ones. This can immediately change the tone of a room and elevate the space of a bathroom, kitchen or hallway. Choose simple yet expressive pieces that will keep the space fresh and modern.

3. New Hardware

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Outdated and/or boring fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens and on doors can take away from the space. A quick and easy refresh can be achieved with simple replacements. These easy fixes will draw eyes to the room and add value to your property. If you have the time and budget, take it a step further and update features such as faucets and mirrors. New fixtures like door knobs can help freshen up the look of your rentals.

4. Refurbish Cabinets

Are the cabinets in your property outdated? A simple way to increase the appeal of your home, especially the kitchen space, is to update them. Consider a paint or refinishing job for a fresh and clean look. If you are willing to take the extra step, replace the faces of the cabinet doors to avoid the hardships of concealing large problem areas.

5. Visual Storage

Tenants love to see storage space. Adding shelving in an open space can make a big difference, both functionally and aesthetically. Consider a shelving project in any blank space that exists in a living room or above the bathroom toilet. Floating shelves are easy to install and can add a beautiful modern style to a space.  Adding open shelving to a blank wall is a touch that looks great. is an interactive community of multifamily investors, independent rental home owners, residential property management professionals and other rental housing and real estate professionals. It is the most comprehensive source for news and information for the rental housing industry. Their website features exclusive articles and blogs on real estate investing, apartment market trends, property management best practices, landlord tenant laws, apartment marketing, maintenance and more.