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Renting a property has been a nightmare for landlords who have had bad tenant experiences in the past. Finding a good tenant happens not just by luck, but also through wise and judicious discernment. Before renting your property, you have to ensure that your tenant will not fail to pay the rent on time and be a headache to you once they move in. The following indicators will help you recognize the good from the bad.

Indicator #1: Is The Applicant Reluctant to Fill Out Applications?

Some applicants may be reluctant to fill out the applications. This challenge often arises when your relatives or friends are the applicants. Beware of such people, as they can be your worst renters. They may end up refusing to give your rent on time or become a headache for other renters. Make sure your applicant fills out the applications. The best thing you can do to someone close to you is to convince them that these are a mandate as per the government legislations and that you treat everyone as equals.

Indicator #2: Does Your Tenant Question You on Checking Their Credit History?

You must have experienced such situations where you find the applicant refusing to show their credit details or payment history when asked. There are even more awkward situations when they yell at you, asking for this document. Ideally, anyone who has the potential to pay their rent, do not need to hide their credit history when asked to. So, never allow such applicants to be your tenants as they have proven to be bad potential tenants.

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Indicator #3: Is Your Applicant in an Unusual Hurry to Move in?

The first thing you have to be aware of is that the process of screening the applications for rental purposes takes its own sweet time. Even if you need to rent your apartment as quickly as possible, you should wait for the right time. You might find applicants who are in an unusual hurry to move into your apartment. Be cautious while considering such applications. Think rationally and you may find that the hurry may be because they are facing an eviction from their previous apartment. Be patient, and you’re sure to find the right tenant for your property.

Indicator #4: Is Your Applicant a Frequent Mover?

Be on guard against frequent movers as they rarely show symptoms of settling in one place. Find out if your applicant has moved to more than two places within the last two years. If so, it is best to avoid considering them. The reason is that they have broken the lease agreement many times and the same may happen with you too.

Indicator # 5: Will The Tenant Keep Your Apartment Clean and Tidy?

You need not be a sorcerer to figure out whether your tenant would keep your apartment neat when they move in. There are simple methods by which you can find this out, such as observing how tidy the backseat of the applicant’s car is when you see them off to the parking lot. A person who keeps his belongings neatly is also likely to keep your apartment neatly.

Apart from these five techniques, there are other similar techniques that will help keep bad potential tenants at bay. All you need is to be a little street smart in your judgement.


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