This article was posted on Tuesday, Mar 01, 2016

So you’ve thought about investing but aren’t sure if you have what it takes to become successful. No problem. We’ve all been there. That’s why I decided to write the qualities I have observed every successful real estate investor has. 


There’s no way around it, investing in real estate takes some serious time and the only way you’ll be okay to put in the time that is required is if you’re passionate about what you’re doing. After all, passion is the fuel for most fires, if you have passion, you’ll find the time to create your success. 


Let’s be honest, success and discipline go hand-in-hand. Without one, there can’t be the other. Discipline itself is hard to define, but if you have it you usually plan for the future, work diligently, and learn from your mistakes. 

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If you have an understanding of the core principles of how real estate investments work then you’re on the right track to finding success. How do you know if you have a good enough understanding? If you can explain to someone else how all the moving parts of your investment work then you have a good grasp on what you’re doing and how to succeed at it. 


With any industry you’ll always find those people who will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck. On the other hand, within every industry you’ll also find that the truly successful people are those who are honest in their dealings and maintain their integrity through every deal. 


Real estate is notorious for its ever-changing and ever-evolving ways. You must be flexible if you want to succeed in this industry. Have a well thought-out plan, of course, but be okay if something goes wrong or veers off path a little. Be prepared to deal with the unexpected and pick up where you left off. 

Money Management 

Unfortunately, many people fail at investing due to poor money management. Make sure to have a budget before you begin any project and an emergency fund for the unexpected. Be sure to never let yourself get emotionally attached to a property and splurge on the expensive tile. Stay within your budget and you’ll find no surprises at the end of the day.

Find a Team – You become who you surround yourself with. If you have a team of successful and like-minded people, you’ll stay motivated and successful. It’s also useful to find a mentor who can guide you through any tough spots you may find yourself in. 

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