AOA Live Stream Advertising

Pre-show Marketing & General Information: We promote your seminar with pre-show marketing and then film from our studio or remotely from your home or office. If you prefer to film from your home or office, we will need to test it prior to filming. We usually hold Live Streams at 10am on Thursdays. You are also able to advertise on these Live Streams.

PowerPoint Presentation: If you choose to use a PowerPoint in the seminar, please email in advance. If possible, keep a small portion of the bottom right corner without text so we can place you in the screen as you speak.


Live Stream Rates:

20 Minute Seminar 40 Minute Seminar 60 Minute Seminar Ad
$2,500 $3,800 $4,900 $500

For More Information, Call (800) 827-4262