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Advertising Secrets That Make
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The bigger your ad, the more productive it will be. One study showed that the largest size ads in the yellow pages pull 15 times more response than the smaller ads. Use as large of an ad as your budget will allow.
Try color in your ad! One research group found that adding color can increase the response from 30% to an astounding 180%
Your headline can produce a 100% increase in your response. Many advertisers headline their name, but maybe your prospects are more interested in your products or services. When you advertise, offer benefits! Try to feature your biggest customer benefit in your headline. We’re more than happy to make the change at no extra cost to you!
Re-evaluate your product and your price. Are you competitive? Are you still growing? Why or why not? What can you do to improve? Are your prospects being handled properly when they call? Who answers your telephone for you? Ask your customers and have someone outside your company give you an objective evaluation.
What do you say in your ad? Use the word “FREE” or “GUARANTEE” or other key words such as: Save, Money, Proven, Results, New and/or Improved, Safe, Easy, You, Discover and Love. If possible, tell them how much money they will save by doing business with you or throw in a related bonus or discount for responding within a certain time. Don’t just use these words - deliver what you advertise.
Back up your magazine ad by occasionally offering a special, through a direct mailer or insert. After they do business one time, they are more likely to continue. You have just bought yourself a new long-term customer with your “special”! Even if you lose money on the special, you may make money as the new customer continues doing business with you.
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