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Increase your business with apartment owners and property management company through advertising in the AOA Magazine.

Benefits of Advertising in the AOA Magazine:

  • FREE LISTING in the Product & Service Guide of the magazine!

  • FREE ON-LINE LISTING on our AOA website!

  • FREE MAILING LISTS for you to use for direct mailing!

  • FREE COUPON in the magazine!

  • FREE AD DESIGN includes the initial set up as well as any future changes!

  • FREE AOA MEMBERSHIP! Be a part of the largest Apt. Assoc. in California!


  • Circulation is one of the major keys to your success. AOA GUARANTEES the number of magazines that will be mailed and we are known to consistently exceed that number!

  • You reach even more customers with AOA! Rotating the mailing list helps you reach even more potential customers each month.

  • Most other associations mail their magazine to “Members Only”. The problem with this is that less than 25% of ALL owners belong to an association.

  • It is our goal for your ad to reach every apartment owner and property management company in the geographic area that you choose!

  • Our mailing list includes non-members and even a majority of members in other associations.

  • You have just discovered a secret that professional advertisers have used for years: “to get more business, make contact with the total market – total circulation is the key to your success!”

FREE Advertising Layout

AOA will lay out your new ad according to your specifications. After our production department puts the finishing touches on your ad, it will be submitted to your for final approval.

Property Management Companies

In addition to the property management companies and apartment owners who are AOA members, we maintain an extensive list of property management companies in each geographic area. These companies manage both residential and commercial properties. We mail to all of them.

Membership Loyalty

Another reason so many owners read our magazine is loyalty! We have the largest membership of apartment owners and property management companies in California. They pay to belong and are loyal to their association magazine and advertisers! Don’t be confused by the number of “readership” and/or “total circulation” with no membership. Paid subscribers is what the professional looks for!

Patience and Consistency

  • IT TAKES TIME. If you are looking for an immediate short term response, use inserts, mailings or the Trade Show. For steady long-term growth, use the AOA magazine and enjoy the benefits of consistent advertising.

  • The key to your success is repetition! Your prospects must see your ad over and over, again and again! When they need your product or service and start searching through the AOA Magazine, your ad will look familiar and they will know that you have been in business for more than just a few months.

Guaranteed Monthly Circulation

Your ad is received by a minimum of 10,000 apartment owners and property management companies in each individual area you choose – GUARANTEED.

This is verified by postal receipts which show AOA consistently circulated even MORE than this every month!