This article was posted on Monday, Nov 16, 2020

Alameda County Announces New Property Owner Incentive Program

By AC Homes


Alameda County seeks property owners with available apartments to rent to residents supported by our programs.  Our program offers guaranteed rent payments, enhanced damage security and a signing bonus for the owner. 

Our Alameda County Landlord Hotline (510-777-2100) connects interested property owners with non-profit partners that administer rent subsidies for residents at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness to become stable and reliable tenants.


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“Housing is a basic need that is critical to residents’ health and safety,” says Kerry Abbott, Director of the Office of Homeless Care and Coordination.  “To end homelessness, we need a community effort that includes the private housing market.  Our goal is to provide housing and support to our clients while offering financial security for property owners. ”

The program offers a number of benefits including guaranteed on-time monthly payments for property owners, resident support services and additional financial incentives for property owners. Each night, more than 8,000 people experience homelessness in Alameda County, unable to afford a place to call home in this expensive rental market.  We anticipate that even more Alameda County residents will be at risk for homelessness due to the economic conditions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  With additional crisis-related funding from federal and state sources, we have an opportunity to build strong and lasting partnerships to save lives and solve our community’s pressing humanitarian challenge of homelessness.

“We have found direct housing and service providers to be highly competent, compassionate, and equally committed to both their clients and us as strategic partners,” says Christopher E. Johnson of AMP Property Management, a firm with more than 150 housing units in Alameda County.  “In this spirit of partnership, we are not only cultivating stable tenancies, these efforts provide good people with safe properties for building a life, and a solid foundation for long term success.”

We ask that you call the hotline at 510-777-2100 to help us identify available housing units.  Materials are available in multiple languages.

Key community partners on this initiative include Abode Services, East Bay Innovations and Bay Area Community Services.  Property owners will have the extensive support and availability of these agencies’ staff in preparing apartments for occupancy, interviewing applicants, receiving timely payments, and taking care of the residents’ social and economic needs.  These partner agencies have funding for furniture and reasonable improvements for client households, with the owner’s permission.



If you, or someone you know has a housing unit for rent, please call 510-777-2100 or email [email protected].