If you own rental property in Los Angeles, you are well aware that you are currently being gouged by the trash companies as a result of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s recycling program that was approved by the City Council.  According to the LA Times, the city and trash companies have made a new deal.

Crooked Deal!

AOA suspects that the original deal between the trash companies and the City was an “under the table” transaction that gave excessive benefits to the trash companies and put over 100 small business trash companies out of business!  That way, these small companies would not be able to compete with fair market prices. 

We also suspect that there will be some pretty big donations to the Mayor and City Council members when they run for reelection!  If you were crooked, wouldn’t you donate to their reelections if they forced others to pay you double, triple and quadruple what you could normally charge your customers for a service that you offered?  And in addition, eliminated all competitors in whatever business you happened to own?  Sure you would, and we have to assume that the trash companies will also show their gratitude for legally allowing them to gouge you to the 9th degree!  The big difference is that you are too ethical to raise your prices like the trash companies have done and, in addition, a normal and ethical citizen wouldn’t make such an unfair and illegal deal in the first place!

What’s Wrong With This?

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The Mayor knows.  Every member of the City Council also knows.  The City Attorney knows.  They should all feel a deep sense of shame!  And every housing provider and business owner in Los Angeles knows that every one of these politicians should resign in disgrace!  Their philanthropy and gracious “gift” to the trash companies has a price tag of millions of dollars that you and I are currently being forced to pay to their friends who own the trash companies.  Who benefits??  The trash companies and politicians!  Who pays??  You and me!

AOA Springs Into Action

AOA members and friends provided the money to hire an attorney to sue the City and trash companies.  A political activist, David Hernandez, was kind enough to introduce us to the Carolin Shining Law Firm and the suit was filed to stop all this illegal nonsense.  That lawsuit is working its way through the courts now and will continue.  Several other law firms have now joined together with Carolin and we are looking for many additional changes to the little bit of relief that the Mayor and the trash companies seem to have now agreed to “graciously” grant the victims who are currently being punished by the City’s prior action.  As you know, these victims are us – all Los Angeles housing providers and business owners!

Can you believe that this lawsuit has even been necessary to force them to make a new deal that is still very illegal, unethical and unfair to the very people who provide the only real solution to the current housing crisis?  “Thanks a lot” Mayor Garcetti and fellow politicians.  We will still continue to do more than any other group to solve our homeless problem in spite of the way we are being treated by our so-called “progressive politicians”!

What’s Their “New Deal”?

Please don’t laugh, but I really feel that those corrupt minds in City Hall think that they have made enough changes to weaken the AOA lawsuit.

In fact, they made our case even stronger and totally justifiable from day one.  They have, in my opinion, blatantly admitted that they made big mistakes in putting their first deal together.  BUT, they still have not corrected their totally unjust actions!  Much more needs to change.

“188.4 Million Dollars Saved So Far”

The Los Angeles Times reported that the trash companies will no longer be able to charge the $10.67 every time the trash companies opened a door so that they could empty a blue trash bin.  A manager of a 28-unit building just told me that they were charging her building $20 for “opening the door” and there wasn’t even a closed door there to open – what a bunch of crooks!

Our haulers will no longer be able to also charge an extra $26.68 for what they call a distance fee when a trash bin has to be moved more than 100 feet – $37.36 for 200 feet.

Please note these seven facts:

  1. This deal applies to blue bins only – they can still charge you extra for other containers, such as your black bin.
  2. All these charges were non-existent before the City made their original deal!
  3. We are still left with business owners and housing providers paying more than double, and I suspect triple the former charges when we had fair competitive rates (pre-monopoly).
  4. The Los Angeles Times reported that the City has agreed to pay one half of the amount that the trash companies will supposedly lose as a result of this change.  That’s $94.2 million for their part of some, not all, overcharges!
  5. All housing providers and businesses in Los Angeles will no longer have to pay the extra $188.4 million of what we are being overcharged!
  6. Our attorneys have not yet seen a copy of a signed agreement.  We are going by what the LA Times has reported.
  7. Plans are also in the works to put an initiative on the ballot so we can all vote to bring in other trash companies to compete for our business.

However, we have not backed down with our lawsuit.  AOA and the law firms involved will continue to seek justice and a fair market price for our trash collection services.  When we win, we’ll be able to go to other cities who are being threatened or who are currently being ripped off by the trash companies, and file a separate lawsuit to win lower rates in the whole state.

Again, to those of you who are paying the excessive trash fees, please don’t laugh, but one of the trash company executives said that he thought the deal was a good compromise.  I guess if we were getting all that excess money we’d say the same.  They simply took away a lot and have agreed to give a little back.  Big deal!

Give Thanks

Hooray, and I thank God for the progress that has been forced upon the City so far.  You will want to continue your support of the AOA Political Action Committee and continue to be a proud AOA member. Thank you for all of your past support.  We’ve won a small battle, now let’s “gird up our loins” and go to war!

Please write and/or call your City Council person and the Mayor’s office and “thank them for this pittance of a deal, and to please continue to work on making a fair settlement!”  Please feel free to call me, Dan Faller, at (800) 827-4262, or you may email me at [email protected], if you are ready to back up the association in raising money to also put this issue before the voters and “go to war” to protect our property rights.


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