This article was posted on Sunday, Jul 01, 2018

Here’s a great idea for some young and enterprising individual to start a new business in those cities where the politicians have created monopolies for trash companies to extort excessive fees from property owners.  The trash companies will hate this idea while housing providers will love it! 


No one wants to live in a community where, at all hours of the day, the sidewalks or streets are obstructed by dumpster bins. For property managers and owners of multifamily properties, bringing the trash out each week can present its own set of logistical challenges.  In some cities, local waste companies pull dumpsters out for emptying and then push them back to their storage locations as part of regular service. In other cities, however, including Oakland, this push/pull service now costs extra. In some cases, these push fees can add hundreds, if not thousands, to the monthly garbage bill in addition to the cost of dumping garbage itself. Luckily, there’s a company providing this same push/pull service for multifamily and commercial properties at a fraction of the cost – that company is Bay Area Bin Support (BABS).

Oakland residents were the first in the Bay Area to see the addition of fees for push/pull service after a new garbage contract took effect in late 2015. With that new contract, push/pull fees became a hefty extra. In Oakland, for example, the current rate for the local waste disposal company to push/pull a bin more than 100 feet in length is a whopping $1,031.65 per month. BABS charges almost 75% less for the same service.  The company provides curbside service for trash, recycle and compost containers of all sizes. The team arrives at a property on the day of service to bring out the dumpsters to the curb and then pushes them back to place shortly after they’ve been emptied.

“BABS offers the most reasonable pricing, and they are reliable and responsive. The service is great – there’s not much more you can ask for,” said Nicholas Cress, Market Analyst at WestRock Service, Inc., who started researching alternative waste management options when Oakland-based waste companies hiked their fees on its properties with tenants like Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, and Peet’s Coffee.

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BABS understood the reasoning behind separating out the push/pull service. “Push/pull takes time. It is also hard, repetitive, manual labor,” said co-owner Junior Fiame, whose work history includes three years doing push/pull as part of his waste disposal job. “Some of these garbage bins are located down steep driveways, deep in underground parking garages, or way at the back of a property,” he said. “It’s a huge effort to force a 4-cubic yard dumpster bin weighing hundreds of pounds up a steep driveway. What you need to know is the technique for handling dumpster bins.”

Some commercial properties, especially restaurants, fill bins so quickly that they may need daily emptying.  Many apartment complexes have multiple bins that need to be moved. Push/pull for garbage bins is obviously essential to keep businesses and multifamily properties clean and tenants happy.

Some property owners and property managers might think about hiring onsite maintenance workers to do the job, but also knew that that option would mean extra liability and increased risk of injury to their own staff.

BABS also wanted to cover another part of garbage disposal that typically has fallen to property management, landlords or maintenance staff. “Anyone who is familiar with a garbage enclosure in a multifamily residence knows that by the end of the week, the dumpster areas are a complete mess,” said co-owner Nancy Fiame. “Trash begins overflowing, garbage spills over on to the floor and garbage just keeps piling on. Garbage companies typically do not have time to offer cleanup service. We do.”

To address that absent cleanup service, the BABS team includes it at every push/pull site. Team members pick up any debris on the floor and put it inside the appropriate bin. Trash is pushed down as much as possible to avoid overflow charges. The dumpster areas are swept, cleaned up, straightened up and left free of debris. The BABS team also closes the garbage chutes while the bins are out on the curb and opens them up after the bins are back in place.

Route logistics and flexibility are other parts of the push/pull process that owner, Junior Fiame, knows will prevent trash bins from being eyesores due to being left on the street too long. So, BABS does not pull out dumpster bins the night before garbage collection. Leaving bins out on the curb overnight means those bins are open to scavenging and additional dumping by others. BABS teams are out as early as 2:30 a.m., pulling out bins and then tracking the pick-up routes carefully to minimize how long empty bins are out in the street. BABS support teams make sure that bins are returned to their proper place almost immediately.

Because BABS understands that problems with garbage aren’t restricted to a 9-5 schedule; its customer service agents are available 24/7. BABS also adjusts its routes continuously to respond to changes in its clients’ needs.

In 2015, after the push/pull went into effect, Bay Area Bin Support was founded as the first-of-its-kind service to concentrate only on the push/pull step of waste disposal.  BABS signed up its first clients almost immediately after the Oakland rates went into effect.

Now, less than two years after its start, BABS now operates 300+ push/pull stops per week in Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, San Leandro, Hayward, San Francisco and San Mateo at more than 175 properties. The cost of Bay Area Bin Support push/pull remains significantly less compared to those additional fees on bills that still startle so many.

Some people may have thought about trying to do the work themselves, but without a certain expertise and physique, pushing a fully loaded 4-cubic feet binis beyond the average person’s capabilities. Even an average size container – 64- or 96-gallon size – becomes a risk if it must be pushed down a slope, up a slope, and around tight corners.  Some streets don’t even have curbs, adding another complication to push/pull.

“We work smart and we work hard for our clients,” Field Supervisor, Saka Faafiti explains. “We take pride in what we do.”


Bay Area Bin Support is the San Francisco Bay Area’s first bin service company to specialize in push/pull service that is reliable, superior and economical. BABS offers 24/7 customer service, reduced fees, same-day service and timely coordination with local garbage/recycle drivers. Its team members are fully insured and highly trained professionals. The company provides service to property managers, property owners and homeowner associations. Its team services locations that include food service businesses, retail chains, hotels, affordable housing and others. The company’s foremost goal is to save its clients money and time.  For a free estimate or more information, call 1-888-920-BINS or visit