This article was posted on Thursday, Jun 01, 2017

Since laws are continuously changing or new ones are announced, AOA wants to make sure that your building is up-to-date with all the state requirements.

Below is a reminder of some important issues to keep you in compliance with those laws and possibly save you from lawsuits and/or fines.

  • Fair Housing Poster

Federal Fair Housing law requires every property with four or more units to have the “fair housing poster” displayed on the property in a conspicuous location.  The poster must be a minimum 11 x14 inches to be in compliance.  (AOA offers members a laminated Fair Housing sign that meets these requirements for only $10.00).  If you don’t have one posted at your building, order yours TODAY!

  • *NEW LAW*

Bed Bug Information Sheet – AB 551

A new law requires that all new leases MUST INCLUDE the new bed bug information sheet.  (AOA form # 157 – Information About Bedbugs).  Attach this form to all new rental agreements and make sure your tenant initials the box on the rental agreement acknowledging receipt of this form.  In addition – this same notice MUST be given to all other tenants by January 1, 2018.

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Rent Registration Pass-Through Fees – Los Angeles

This is a reminder that the one-time pass-through registration fees to tenants, that you used to collect in the month of June, have changed for 2017. Those fees are now collectible in the month of AUGUST only and your notice should be served before July 1st to collect it with your August rent.

  • Rent Control Notice to Tenants – Los Angeles

You must post a notice to the tenants advising them that your building is subject to the Los Angeles Rent Control Ordinance.  The notice must be posted (in English and Spanish) in a conspicuous spot, (near the mailbox area, in the building’s lobby or on the entrance to the building). Inspectors will look for this posting and fines may be imposed if it is missing from your LA rent controlled bulding.

The form may be found on AOA’s website at and is titled LARSO Notice to Post.

  • Written Criteria List for Applicants


Having a written criteria list for your rental applicants is pertinent in your rental business and serves several purposes.  By attaching a copy of your rental criteria to each blank application form, you are informing your applicant of a list of conditions that must be met for them to be considered as a future tenant in your building.

By using this list, all applicants will know exactly what is expected to qualify renting at your building and it will also help eliminate any misunderstandings.

Some other reasons professional landlords use this list are:

  • It will help you to avoid discrimination lawsuits
  • Applicants with prior evictions or unfavorable credit will not waste your time
  • Those who do not qualify financially will be dissuaded
  • Applicants with criminal records will choose to apply elsewhere
  • Fair Housing “spies” see this list as fair and professional
  • Big Benefit:  With your prospective tenant’s compliance, you will have all the information you need for proper screening procedures

AOA has just made this much simpler for you.  For a copy of our new criteria list form (100Q), AOA members may download for FREE a fillable form to suit your requirements from the forms section of


AOA has created some new forms to help you manage your property:

  • 155- Balance Due Notice – As a more subtle reminder before the 3-Day Pay or Move-Out
  • 156 – Notice of Sale of Property and Notice of New Ownership – to inform tenants
  • 157 – Information About Bedbugs – REQUIRED BY LAW
  • 101 Series – Rental AgreementsOur Rental Agreement and/or Lease (forms 101), have been revised to include a check-off box for the now required “Information About Bedbugs” form.  Please be sure to download the new forms for your next new tenant! 

These, and all forms, may be downloaded by members from our website –


Patricia Harris is Senior Editor of the Apartment Owners Association News and Buyers Guide.