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Local Articles

Oppose 2023 Legislation That Undermines Rental Property Owners’ Rights!

This article covers some of the most damaging bills and ballot measures that are currently being considered that would absolutely wipe out a portion of the existing affordable housing stock, including one senate bill (SB567) that would impact ALL TYPES OF RENTAL UNITS. This one bill alone could be responsible for the withdrawal of THOUSANDS…

Despite the Coming Gas Ban, California is Far From Ready to Go “All Electric” By Chaz Peling, CEO of SolSolutions LLC

In the rush to phase out fossil fuels to reduce the impacts of climate change, California’s state and city governments are ramping up a large number of mandated changes and phase-outs around fossil-fuel-based equipment, appliances and vehicles, used in homes, buildings, transportation and everyday living and business activity. This article specifically addresses recent permit and…

Legal Q & A By Richard Beckman, Esq.

Below are questions asked by rental property owners regarding California rent control laws followed by answers provided by Attorney Richard Beckman. Question 1: Did Oakland pass some sort of rent registration rule lately? What happens if I fail to comply? Answer 1: Yes, as reported in last month’s edition of this column, that new rule…