This article was posted on Sunday, Sep 01, 2019




If you have recently served a notice of a rent increase, or if you intend to serve a notice of a rent increase, please read the following carefully.

On July 16, 2019, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 3246 (effective August 15, 2019) concerning the establishment of an Annual General Adjustment, a rent registry, banking, and a petition process for an upward and downward adjustment of rents. 

For most rental units in Alameda, the Ordinance 

limits rent increases that are effective after 

September 1, 2019 to no more than 2.8%.

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The maximum rent increase for each subsequent year will be calculated based on 70% of the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index for the 12-month period ending April of each year. 

The Ordinance has other provisions that establish new rent regulations including annual rent registration by landlords, an ability to “bank” rent increases (with certain limitations), and the right to petition for an upward or downward adjustment in the maximum allowable rent through a binding hearing process.


Rental units that are single-family homes, condominiums, and multi-family units for which a certificate of occupancy was issued after February 1, 1995, are exempt from the rent increase limitations, but landlords will be required to register their rental units. If you are uncertain whether the Ordinance applies to your rental unit, please contact the Rent Stabilization Program as set forth below.

Visit to review the Ordinance or see a copy at the City Clerk’s Office, 2263 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, CA 94501. Contact the Rent Stabilization Program with any questions at 510-747-4346, [email protected] or