The temporary rent control measures in unincorporated Los Angeles will remain in place through the end of the year. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 1 to extend—and expand the ordinance.  The measure was originally set to expire in June, but will remain in effect until December 31st when a permanent ordinance will most likely be put in place.


This temporary ordinance bars landlords from raising rents more than 3 percent in most apartments built prior to 1995 in the County of Los Angeles. 


A provision that requires landlords to have “just cause” before evicting tenants was also expanded to cover all rental units in unincorporated Los Angeles, including single-family homes. This means that tenants cannot be evicted unless they have not paid rent or have violated the terms of their lease.  Landlords can no longer ask a tenant to leave without a justified reason.

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The ordinance applies the county’s unincorporated areas from East Los Angeles to Marina del Rey to Baldwin Hills to Sunland, Sylmar, and Tujunga.