This article was posted on Saturday, Jun 01, 2019


Alameda City, California, Enacts Minimum Wage Ordinance
The City of Alameda, California has passed an ordinance establishing a
local minimum wage that applies to all employees who work at least two
hours in a calendar week within the city as follows:

  •  July 1, 2019 – $13.50
  •  July 1, 2020 – $15.00

Beginning July 1, 2022 and on July 1 of every year thereafter, the
minimum wage will increase based on the cost of living with no increase
greater than five percent. Employers may not use a tip credit for tipped workers. The ordinance also notes that if the scheduled California minimum wage increase to$15 per hour is temporarily suspended, the city will also temporarily suspend the Alameda scheduled minimum wage increase for July 1, 2020, for one year.

For a copy of the ordinance please visit: amp-comm-services/alameda-ca-code-of-ordinances.pdf.

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