All About Asbestos By – Parth Kumar

What is asbestos? Why did we use this mineral if it is dangerous for humans to breathe? How do I know if I have it in my home? These are all very valid questions from worry some people that are just learning about a naturally occurring mineral called asbestos. In this article, I will be…

Legal Q & A by – Dennis Block

Question One: I have a 20 unit building in the City of San Fernando. There was a death in one of the units. I know under California law I must disclose the death to prospective tenants. Do I have to disclose this information to applicants when leasing other units in the complex?

Something to Think About By – Klarise Yahya

Continued from Part 7 . . . The widow’s advantage was that she saw “when” not as a fixed point in the future but as a trend line. “Over time,” she thought, “the line will go up. This investment will compound better than the available alternatives”. While she seldom bought individual companies anymore, sometimes she…

Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds – A Tax Efficient Investment Vehicle for Those Selling Appreciated Assets By – Steve Haskell, Vice President

What is a Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ)? A QOZs as described under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a social program with the intent of redeveloping impoverished districts throughout the country by driving private capital to over 8,700 underserved communities and 35M Americans throughout by offering tax incentives to investors. (1)