Legal Q & A By-Franco Simone

Q: I own a six unit apartment building in San Diego County that was built in the 1980s and I would like to remodel the units next year. Am I allowed to ask my tenants to vacate under the new Tenant Protection Act of 2019?

Six Ways to Master Property Maintenance By -David Crown

Typically, when somebody describes a business as being “in the toilet,” they’re delivering bad news. But property management is an industry built on the gritty work of contractors and maintenance technicians, including plumbing repairs. So if you’re a property manager and your company isn’t “in the toilet,” you’re doing something wrong.

Legal Q & A by – Richard Beckman

Question: Did the new statewide rent control law I’ve been hearing about take effect? Answer: AB 1482 – the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 – has been passed by the California legislature and is in front of Governor Newsom for his anticipated signature. Absent his veto, which is by all accounts extremely unlikely, AB 1482…

Another Crazy Idea to Punish Housing Providers!

Los Angeles City Councilmembers Mike Bonin, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Paul Koretz and David Ryu are all backing a plan for an “empty-home penalty” or “vacancy tax”.  This is another disastrous idea that is spreading throughout the whole state.   They seem to think that this is “an important tool for addressing one of the root causes…