UPDATE on Statewide Rent Control AB 1482

Update on the Statewide Rent Control from Attorney Michael Millman OPPOSE AB 1482 ; as amended;  Sacramento super Power Players have been meeting at the Governor’s Office for many weeks and negotiating a compromise RENT CAP Bill. All amendments must be completed by Friday September 6 2019.  Economic Round Table; Blackstone; Realtors; CAA ; Building Industry were at the…


Rent Stamps Could Provide Some “Social Justice” For Rental Property Owners and New Renters By – Brian Wallace

In 1979, when rent control was first passed in San Francisco, two important issues were not addressed: A needs-assessment of renters and The disproportionate social obligation imposed on those providing the housing How many of us know renters whose annual income far exceeds that of the property owner from whom they are renting?  This is…


It’s Here! The FREE “Million Dollar” Trade Show and Landlording Conference! Thursday, September 12th at the Los Angeles Convention Center – West Hall A

Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 12th for AOA’s “Million Dollar Trade Show and Landlording Conference” in Los Angeles. You will meet just about every contractor and vendor you will ever need… it’s called the “Million Dollar Event” of the year. Come and help us celebrate and who knows, you may even go home with…



Multifamily Housing Survey Finds Strong Demand But Rent Control Threatens to Dim Outlook WASHINGTON, D.C. — The enduring strength of the apartment market was the main takeaway of the National Multifamily Housing Council’s (NMHC) Quarterly Survey of Apartment Market Conditions for July 2019, as the Market Tightness (60), Equity Financing (56), and Debt Financing (80)…


California’s Housing Shortage -By Terry Moore

You can’t have a conversation about the housing situation in California today without the words “shortage” or “crisis.” National media love to write about our “astronomical” housing prices and rents. Unfortunately, the crisis is real, and Californians don’t seem to have the political will to do anything to solve it.