Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for California Landlords By – Jamie Sternberg, Esq.

California law provides a framework for California tenants to request permission from their landlords to install electric vehicle charging stations. Those laws are found at Civil Code §1947.6  (residential tenancies) and Civil Code §1952.7 (commercial tenancies). Laws regarding electric vehicle charging stations in homeowner’s associations are found at Civil Code § 4745 and 4745.1. In 2018, SB…


Letters to the Editor

 Dear Dan: It gives me great of pleasure to tell you my experience with your employee Ms. Rebecca Abbott. I own number of apartments buildings in valley and Glendale it is almost ten years that I am member with AOA.  Rebecca Abbott was my advisor and every time I talked to her she was able…


Six Ways to Master Property Maintenance By -David Crown

Typically, when somebody describes a business as being “in the toilet,” they’re delivering bad news. But property management is an industry built on the gritty work of contractors and maintenance technicians, including plumbing repairs. So if you’re a property manager and your company isn’t “in the toilet,” you’re doing something wrong.