Lawsuit to End State’s Eviction Ban

NEWS RELEASE Pacific Legal Foundation is representing two retirees who lease their properties at modest rates. Like millions of Americans, individual landlords have been thrown into financial turmoil by the pandemic and resulting lockdowns. Many operated on thin margins even before the pandemic, with mortgages, maintenance, and other expenses to pay. For landlords to recover…


Something to Think About #94: The Effect of Long-Term Inflation on Real Estate – Part 2 By-Klarise Yahya

Continued from Part 1… The late 1500’s, following the Eighty Years War, and most of the 1600’s were Amsterdam’s apogee. It was then, no longer concerned with Spanish warships, that Dutch merchantmen sailed over most of the known world, alert for new sources of rare spices. They returned from Indonesia with pepper, cloves and nutmeg.…


Pandemic Property Rights Pandemonium Written by: One of Many Thousands of Frustrated, But Proud, Anonymous L.A. Housing Providers

The Judicial Council’s delay until 90-days after the COVID emergency is lifted to open the courts to hear eviction cases will devastate landlords, tenants and their families, the wellbeing of innocent tax-paying, by-standing citizens, plus people’s, the City’s and the State’s economies and, ultimately, the cause of justice.

How Property Management Can Increase a Property’s Resale Value By-David Crown

[Author’s Note: I wrote this before COVID-19 had changed the landscape of ownership, but the contents of this piece remain true regardless. I’ll have another article ready soon that deals specifically with managing property in the current climate.] In property management, we’re almost always talking about the present. When describing the benefits offered to property…


OPPOSE AB 828 – FREE RENT! By- Michael Millman

Dear friends, it may be beneficial to examine the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution:  “No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty or property … without due process of law … nor shall private property … be taken …for public use …without just compensation …”