The Tenant from Hell By Zachary Lawrence JD

Pacific Heights is a 1990 American thriller movie starring actors Melanie Griffith, Matthew Modine and Michael Keaton. It’s the story of a young couple that purchased an expensive 19th-Century house in the exclusive neighborhood of San Francisco. This young couple, (Griffith and Modine) have some extra rooms in their new home, so they decide to rent…


Inglewood Emergency Rent Control Ordinance

Effective immediately, Southern California City of Inglewood unanimously passed a measure that prevents landlords from: 1) Raising rents by more than 5% and; 2) Evicting tenants for any reasons other than criminal activity or drug use in the rental property. This is for a 45-day period, but they also have the option to extend it…


Legal Q & A by – Richard Beckman

Question 1: Are the new Oakland Rent Control laws applicable to a condo that has been rented for the past 8-10 years that we need to sell, or raise the rent on. Where can we find the most up-to-date interpretation of this law as it applies to condo owners who have rented out their condos?