Legal Q & A – by Dennis Block, Attorney

Question One: My property insurance policy states that no Pit Bulls or German Shepherds may be maintained on the premises. The presence of those breeds would void or cancel my policy. Can I use this as a valid excuse not to accept those breeds, including service and emotional support animals?

How Can YOU Stay Up-to-Date with the Rental Industry?

With the ever-changing rent control regulations and the new state and federal laws, what is the best way for a landlord to stay informed and keep up-to-date?   How can you make sure you are not following outdated rules and regulations or using obsolete rental forms?    AOA has your solution and all you simply have to…


Housing Providers Will Be Paying 100% More!!!

Some Housing Providers Will Be Paying 100% More!!!       Shame on You, Los Angeles City Council!  Do you know that some housing providers have already received notices from their new City appointed trash haulers that their rates will be increased by at least 100%?!  You should know it – you passed this outrageous law! …