Something to Think About # 28 – Using the 10 Year Treasury note (TNX) to Time Purchases – By Klarise Yahya, Commercial Loan Broker, BRE: 00957107 MLO: 249261

Underpriced                          When we talk about underpriced units, we are not hoping to somehow buy a $1,500,000 building for $1,350,000. Buildings like that are hard to find, but even if found don’t really make too much difference over the long term. Over a 30 or 40 year investment career, a ten percent discount on the…


Three Important Steps for Conducting Property Management Exit Interviews © – by Ernest F. Oriente, The Coach

Research has shown that a person who resigns from your property management company is leaving for one of three possible reasons: a new career opportunity, an unsolicited job offer or for a grievance that has not been handled correctly.  Whenever a person resigns from your property management company for voluntary reasons it’s normally a