Management Tips From MRLANDLORD.COM

(Shared by landlords nationwide) Landlords nationwide were asked: “What was the average cost of getting a property ready for rent once a renter moves out?” There was a range of responses. One landlord’s response was a bit concerning to me. The response was this: “No clue.  It’s not something I have tracked or cared to track.…


Legal Q & A – by Dennis Block, Attorney

Question One: The world has just become insane. I allowed a tenant to have a dog when she moved into the unit. She has now presented me with a note from a doctor. The notes states that due to her emotional state, she needs two cats and an additional dog! Please tell me that I can…


California: Time for a Major Change in Course – by Lewis K. Uhler and John Coupal

Governor Brown, California Attorney General Becerra, legislative and other government officials are fixated on battling the new administration in Washington with almost total disregard for California’s major problems and unmet needs. Failure to address these pressing problems threatens the viability of a state whose status is rapidly being transformed from “golden” to “tarnished.”

Nearing The End of a Cycle – by Bruce Norris

It’s hard to believe a decade has passed since the great boom in real estate prices ended around 2007. The California Crash started in earnest in 2008 and continued until 2012. Prices went from about $600,000 to $250,000 in just a couple of years. It was devastating to anyone who did not see it coming.…


City of Seattle Sued for Robbing Landlords of Right to Choose Tenants – by Pacific Legal Foundation

Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) challenged Seattle’s new mandate forcing landlords to rent to the first qualified person who applies for a unit.  By denying owners the freedom to choose among qualified applicants and to exercise nondiscriminatory discretion about who will live in their units, the “first in time” rule violates state constitutional protections for property…