Letters to the Editor

Dear AOA: I just want to get a note to Dan Faller about the article titled Overreaching Regulators are Squeezing Liberty Out of Existence” that he put in the October Tri-County edition. I really appreciate the author Richard W. Rahn’s content, and Dan’s editorial note that followed. It’s nice to know that somebody understands. The…


Something to Think About #32 – Harriet & Caleb – by Klarise Yahya, Commercial Loan Broker, BRE: 00957107 – MLO: 249261

Investments can do different things, but no individual investment can do conflicting things. That’s because some desiderata are mutually exclusive. For example, we can’t maximize portfolio growth unless we borrow money to do it. And we can’t maximize safety if the apartment building is mortgaged. In countries where mortgages are unknown, foreclosures are equally unknown.