BREAKING NEWS: IRS Announces Imminent Limitations on Use of Discounts to Save Estate Taxes! – By Attorney Kenneth Ziskin

In mid-May, 2015, a senior Treasury Department Estate and Gift Tax attorney announced that the government will soon issue regulations that will limit, or even eliminate, the ability to use “discounts” to save estate taxes for your family.  She projected that the IRS would adopt (or propose) these new regulations before the end of September,…


Executing the Move-In Inspection and Dealing With Move-Outs – By Lori Hammond

The completion of a move-in inspection is a document with serious legal ramifications. Without a complete and executed move-in inspection form, management has no documentation to show the condition of the apartment at the time of move in.  An executed document shows the resident accepted the condition of the apartment with whatever notated findings.  There…


Something to Think About #34 – Negative Interest Rates – By Klarise Yahya, Commercial Loan Broker – BRE: 00957107 – MLO: 249261

For a variety of reasons, widespread negative interest rates probably won’t happen in America, at least in the near future. Below zero interest rates are hugely stimulative and wouldn’t be appropriate when government figures indicate growth over the last 12 months is somewhere above zero, depending on who is