How Will the Government Regulated Changes For Water Heaters Affect You? – By Washington Energy Services Plumbing Division

In 2015, all manufacturers of water heaters that are sold in the U.S. must conform their equipment to new energy efficiency standards.  This applies to all residential, gas, propane and electric water heaters.  Why should you care?  Because water heaters, as we know them, won’t look the same.  Here’s the who, what, how much it’s…


Something to Think About #31 – Mortgage Security: The Lender’s Perspective – By Klarise Yahya, Commercial Loan Broker – BRE: 00957107 MLO: 249261

Mortgages and Trust Deeds (hereafter-“mortgages”) are negotiable instruments. Once created, they act among institutional investors as sort of a bond substitute. They are created for income, bought for security and sold for capital gains. We’ll discuss ordinary income from mortgages and the potential for capital gains another