Something to Think About #27 – Deflation: It’s not the Odds, it’s the Stakes – By Klarise Yahya, Commercial Loan Broker – BRE: 00957107, MLO: 249261

Executive Summary: The investor faces four major risk scenarios, but they are not equally likely. Inflation is the most universal and is commonly addressed with higher interest rates. The least likely but most serious risk is deflation. Deflation is defined as an inflation rate of less than zero and characterizes a failing economy. It is…


How to Reduce Capital Gains, Income and Property Taxes with a Living Trust – By, Michael K. Elson, Attorney

Since the year 2012, estate taxes have become less of a concern for most Americans.  This is because the individual estate tax exemption had been raised to just over $5 million dollars.  Though the anticipated 2015 estate tax rate will be 40% for any amount exceeding $5.43 million, there would be no federal estate tax…


Christmas Safety Tips for Landlords and Their Tenants _ By Sharon Vornholt

Landlords are always concerned about safety issues in their investment property. But there is no better time than during the holidays, to remind your  tenants of some basic steps they can take to keep themselves and the property they live in safe. Holiday decorations present many “opportunities” for landlords to encounter additional liability.