Tenant Has No Reciprocal Rights to Attorneys’ Fees As Provided For In Lease – By C.D. Publications

New York.  An appellate court agrees a tenant cannot collect her attorneys’ fees against her landlord under a reciprocal rights theory because the attorneys’ fees provision she claimed the fees under was not contained in her original lease agreement.  The landlord and tenant entered into a written residential lease

New Disclosure Requirements for Commercial Property – By Dale S. Alberstone, Esq.

Hello everyone.  Nearly all members of the Apartment Owners Association own or manage one or more apartment buildings.  Many of them, as well as non-member readers of AOA magazine, own commercial property, or at least aspire to own non-residential investment property. For those who are involved with commercial real estate, my column this month will…


How to Hire Property Management SuperStars! © – by Ernest F. Oriente, The Coach

Can a person’s behavior and values really determine if they will be a future SuperStar for your property management company?  If you knew the formula for hiring SuperStars and could cut your recruiting costs in half, would you start today?  This article outlines three simple but critical steps for adding structure to your hiring process…