Make Your Rental Properties Smoke Free and Start Saving Money this Summer! – By the City of Long Beach

Looking for ways to reduce turnover costs and start saving money this summer? In addition to the obvious health and safety benefits of reducing exposure to secondhand smoke, making your rental properties completely smoke free can be a smart business decision. Check out the following 3 great reasons to make your properties smoke free:

Mandatory Time-Varying Electricity Rates are Coming in November! – By Charles Orr

Time-Varying Pricing Starting this November, all small/medium commercial customers of PG&E, SoCal Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric will be required to transition to a time-varying rate schedule for electricity.  A time-varying rate schedule means that when you use energy is just as important as how much you use. This change in rate schedule…


What is the Single, Most Important Step in Managing Your Rental Property? – by Camille Besset

The single, most important step in managing your rental property is choosing the right tenant.  Spending extra time and handling the process carefully will prove to be well worth the effort. With attention to these details, your investment will be protected and grow in value.  Here are few suggestions to help you make the right…


An Exchange of Opinions # 29 The Risks You Take When You Borrow Money – By Klarise Yahya, Commercial Loan Broker, DRE: 0095710 MLO: 249261

If you’ve missed some of the prior articles, basic beginner guidelines on successful investing are in my book Stairway to Wealth available at As we’ve discussed before, interest rates on loans, even fixed rate loans, are the sum of two items: index and margin. Let’s talk first about the index. Hypothetically, we’ll pretend that…