Start Your New Year’s Success – Do You Know Your Building’s Financials? By-Cliff Hockley

“The biggest mistake many investors make is to ignore the numbers generated by their properties.” Financial Statements Let’s start with financial statements, or lack of them. Many real estate investors only track the results of their real estate investments at tax time. Instead investors should be reviewing their results by reading their financials on a…


How to Decide When to Sell By- Terry Moore, CCIM

“How do I know when it’s time to sell?” That’s a common question when I speak at a group of landlords or investors. The short answer is: “You can’t.” There’s no magic formula. You’ll never have perfect knowledge. You can never “know.” You must decide. Sometimes, the decision almost makes itself.

How to Handle Suspicious Documentation for Assistance Animals By – Ellen Clark

If you suspect that documentation for assistance animals is suspicious, you may ask for more information. Recently, you may have noticed documentation coming from websites that offer assistance animal “certifications” for a fee, but they appear to provide this documentation without firsthand knowledge of a person’s disability or what assistance or support the animal provides.


Did You Know By Dennis Block

Acceptance of Partial Payments Via Bank Deposit (Residential Tenancy)  There is no obligation to accept partial payments during the pendency of a 3-Day Notice or any time after the notice has expired. If you have it set up to where the tenant is to deposit funds into your bank account and the tenant deposits a…


New York Challenges Rent Laws!

New York Challenges Rent Laws! The below article is from the RSA Reporter, the official publication of New York’s Rent Stabilization Association. The Rent Stabilization Association (RSA), New York’s apartment association together with the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) and individual property owners filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the New York Rent Stabilization…


Efforts to Curtail Rampant Abuse of Emotional Support Animal Requests By – the National Apartment Association

A lack of clarity in the federal law governing reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals (covering both service animals and emotional support animals) creates a loophole for bad actors to abuse the system. The most common cases of misuse involve requests for an emotional support animal, where the resident obtains documentation on demand from online…