Is Marijuana a Reasonable Accomodation? by – Ellen Clark

Marijuana and the Fair Housing Act are questions that often come up these days amid changing laws so this week the Grace Hill training tip takes a look at the issue. Marijuana use is on the rise across the United States. Thirty states and theDistrict of Columbia have legalized marijuana use for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Did You Know By – Dennis Block

Tenant Abandoning If you suspect that your tenant has abandoned your unit, you have the right to enter to confirm it. You should serve a 24-hour notice to enter the dwelling by posting it on the front door.  You should only enter during normal business hours and days, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5…


Why Many Baby Boomers Consider DST 1031 Exchanges by – Don Meredith

Many savvy investors from the “Baby Boomer” generation own highly-appreciated real estate assets and income properties. However, as they enter retirement, some of these real estate investors would prefer to not deal with day-to-day property management – from maintenance problems, and tenant issues to juggling rent checks and leases. Below you’ll learn why a Delaware…