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Trust our team of experienced agents with over 30 years of experiance. We have the know how when it comes to getting your apartment building listed and sold.

Albert Banks
Albert Banks has over 36 years experience as a licensed Real Estate Broker. His ability to recognize opportunities in the changing real estate market has benefited many of his clients by increasing their real estate portfolios and net wealth. Because of this commitment, clients continue to seek his professional opinion regarding market trends, property values and future opportunities. His clients always come first and paying attention to details is his mission.

Albert found his niche specializing in the sales and marketing of multi-family and commercial properties. No transaction is too difficult, too small or too large. His years of experience have allowed him to successfully complete difficult transactions, with title issues as well IRS 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

Real Estate Sales
(818) 988 - 9200 ext. 125
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Anne Baber
Anne Baber has been associated with AOA Commercial Brokerage since 1990 and has over 26 years experience as an investment real estate agent/broker, specializing in the marketing and sales of investment properties in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

Anne’s professional background includes an extensive knowledge of the mechanics and intricacies of the IRS 1031 tax deferred exchange and has completed many successful 1031 exchange transactions. In addition, Anne has published several articles and has held numerous seminars about the tax benefits of exchanges and the use of Tenant-in-Common (TIC) and Co-Owned Properties as an exchange vehicle.

Anne’s high degree of organizational and marketing skills, acute analytical abilities, aggressive marketing strategies and sharp attention to detail ensure that her clients receive maximum value and a smooth, successful transaction.

Anne places a high priority on client communication and contacts her clients on a systematic and regular basis reporting all feedback on her marketing activities. She also provides a written monthly report reflecting all of her marketing activities and the response from both buyers and real estate professionals.

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(818) 988 - 9200 ext. 135
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Charles Lazar
Charles Lazar has been in the real estate business over 30 years specializing in income property. His client list includes small investors and those with over 1000 units. Charles is also experienced in working with banks on their foreclosed properties.

Real Estate Sales
(818) 988 - 9200 ext. 123
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Chuck Lundie
Chuck Lundie began his real estate career in 1979 and has specialized in apartment building sales for over 38 years. As manager of AOA’s Commercial Brokerage Division in the San Fernando Valley, Chuck has established himself as a long-term Investment Consultant in the multi-family arena through his extensive market knowledge, commitment to excellence and strong work ethic. His experience, knowledge, high ethical standards and concern to reach the personal goals of his clients has contributed to his success in the multi-family industry.

Chuck lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife, three children, and three grandchildren.

Real Estate Sales
(818) 988 - 9200 ext. 122
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Greg Marderian
Greg Marderian has been a real estate professional since 1978, 12 years with CB Richard Ellis and with AOA Commercial Brokerage since 2001, U.S.C. Business 1975. Mr. Marderian specializes in multi-family investment sales in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles areas. You can read his published articles and additional biographical information by “Googling” his name.

Real Estate Sales
(818) 988 - 9200 ext. 133
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Sarah Rojas
Sarah Rojas, a 10-year employee of the Apartment Owners Association of CA, Inc. (AOA), has now joined AOA’s Commercial Brokerage Division. She has enjoyed her position as the Administrative Assistant / Transaction Coordinator at AOA and now, as a Real Estate licensee, is prepared and happy to answer any questions or concerns related to your income property.

Her expertise and knowledge of Real Estate transactions and attention to detail, has played a major role in accommodating the successful closing of several properties. Throughout her years at AOA, the Commercial Brokerage Division has trusted her with transactions ranging from single family homes and duplexes to buildings consisting of 100+ units. She understands the different needs of each transaction and is knowledgeable and aware of the necessary disclosures needed to facilitate smooth transactions.

Sarah maintains a strong effort to stay current with the ever-changing and new laws to provide the best service possible to all involved parties of each transaction.

Real Estate Sales
(818) 988 - 9200 ext. 127

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