This article was posted on Sunday, Dec 01, 2019

And to make it more accurate, we should use the full, clear, most descriptive, revealing interpretation: “Tenant Welfare for the Rich” or “Tenant Welfare Paid for Only by Housing Providers!”

Think about it, what a bunch of baloney we are allowing these “progressive” politicians to sell to the public.  Please do not allow them to continue to sell the idea that their welfare plan is only for the poor and homeless.  That is one big lie with which our industry has allowed them to continue to use to confuse the public voters.

Protect the Poor?

This socialist (pardon me, “progressive”) idea does indeed protect some of the poor from having their rent increased.  Many other renters, after they go under this tenant welfare program, are now regularly having their rent increased every year when before, compassionate owners hardly ever raised their rent.  Why?   Because the real housing providers have lost their constitutional rights to, at some future date, raise the rent to the fair market price.  So, to protect their economic survival, housing providers are forced to raise rents every year. Those tenants can “thank” these progressive politicians who are so proud that they can give away our property to pay tenants for their votes at election time.  

But, Dan, they say, while they start talking about enacting their welfare plan, we’ve had reports of owners raising rent from $875 a month to $1,500!  Why1) Because they will not be able to do it after you take away their property rights, and 2) Please consider that the only way this could possibly happen is when that tenant was getting a ridiculously great deal for many, many years!  The crime was leaving the rents too low, not the raising of the rent.  The “glass was half full” not half empty as the politicians describe it. AND, they caused this to happen by proposing this welfare program in the first place!

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If you had proposed a new law respecting property rights and making this welfare program illegal, that rent would probably still be $875!  You, Mr. and Ms. Politician, are a big part of the cause of our housing crisis.  Not to even mention all your rules and regulations for building new units.

Cost of Tenant Welfare

How much is this welfare costing individual housing providers?  A whole lot and it is totally unfair for one provider to pay 100% of the cost.  Take the housing consumer who is paying only $875 for an apartment that is really worth and could easily rent for $1,875.  That one tenant is receiving a big benefit of $1,000 a month.  No wonder they drive a big luxury car and take a trip to Europe every year – compliments of the owner!

Now, this is only one tenant.  The average owner might “own” 10 units.  Sooo … one lonely owner provides welfare for 10 families.  The “community” and the politician pay nothing.  Whoever supports a plan as lopsided as this is a thief and belongs in jail!

Protects the Rich!

As I write this article, I just received a letter from an attorney friend.  He was writing about a city councilperson who was living off tenant welfare.  He has been living in his apartment for about 30 years and is paying rent that is somewhere around 1970 prices.  This politician wants a charging station installed by his housing provider, however, he does not want to pay extra.  He probably has a $100,000 electric car and now wants more welfare, as this is how tenant welfare works – they want more and more.

The above is just one of many examples of renters who could very easily pay fair market rent.  They do pay the fair market price for everything else they consume unless they are professional thieves.  This councilperson is a thief and he and thousands of others continue to steal a good part of their housing costs by being in favor of laws like the statewide law that just passed.

A Solution?

It’s just another “progressive” idea, but it would improve the current laws if we decided what level of income is considered “poor”.  Then our politicians could pass a “welfare plan” that protects them only and exempts all housing consumers who do not need the welfare for their housing.  At least they could stop lying about who the program is really benefitting and why they voted for it!

Have the State issue “rent stamps” similar to food stamps.  Then everybody would be paying to support the poor and homeless.  Currently, their welfare program is being paid for by only 1% to 2% of the population which any fair-minded person would agree is totally unfair. PLEASE NOTE: That 1% to 2% is not the wealthiest of the population.  Let the whole community give their financial support, not just retired housing providers!

Housing providers who are already providing 50% of all housing in the State are being forced to pay all the costs for this tenant welfare.  Does this sound fair to you?  If it does, you are a crazy progressive looking for another free handout!

These housing providers are currently providing the solution to the housing crisis.  The unfair city, and now statewide, laws are the problem.  It will get worse unless we allow our old American economic system of free enterprise to rule.  All the studies and Econ 101 are submitted as proof!

AOA wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

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