This article was posted on Tuesday, Apr 18, 2023

On Tuesday, April 25th  the Buena Park City Council will be meeting to discuss expanding existing rent control, increasing fees and enforcements. 

Date: Tuesday April 25, 2023

Time: 6:00 P.M.

Where: Buena Park City Hall. 6650 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90622


  • Expanding rent control to ALL rental properties in the city – including single family homes and new construction
  • Conducting  annual inspections
  • An cost increase to $110 per unit per year
  • Increasing the staff of six to10 code enforcement officers – $2m budget
  • Potentially a two- year pilot program – to a possible permanent program


  • Show up to the meeting and support our industry on April 25th at 6:00 p.m.
  • Fill out a comment card for the inspection item discussion and
  • Present your case.  You will have three minutes to let them know how you, as a housing provider, have already been impacted by the Covid eviction moratorium and how much money you have already lost; the limitations on rent increases, the rising costs of repairing and maintaining your building and any other information you think they should have.
  • If you can’t make the meeting, send an email directly to the council members at the addresses below:

Mayor Art Brown – [email protected]

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Mayor ProTem Susan Sonne – [email protected]

Councilmember Joyce Ahn – [email protected]

Councilmember Jose Trinidad Castaneda – [email protected]

Councilmember Connor Traut – [email protected]