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City of Los Angeles “Trashes” Constitution!

The below letter was sent to the Mayor and all City Council members.


Dear Mayor and City Council of Los Angeles:

I have read the Mayor’s letter in response to many property owners’ pleas for relief from the trash hauling monopoly disaster.  In the letter, the Mayor encourages property owners “that as a starting point, [we] must have a waste assessment completed to determine [our] actual need for services … “ to reasonably manage how much [we] pay.”

The Mayor goes on to advise that if [we] do not get a waste assessment, [our] bills will automatically default to [our] current level of services and will not take into account how much [we] may save when given the opportunity to recycle.

As I understand the intent of the letter, the purpose of a waste assessment is to: (1) ascertain the actual solid waste vs. recyclable waste generated on the property and (2) reduce the amount of solid waste collections by the amount of recycling that can be added to the trash collection services.

What I further understand is that the Mayor is making it clear that the owners are entitled to and must receive such a waste assessment to allow them to manage the costs of trash collection by including recycling into the trash disposal and collection at the property.

It would logically follow that the owners need to be notified that waste assessments can be done and who to contact to complete them, prior to the beginning of the program and prior to any “default” increase for trash collection costs.

Instead, Republic Waste has taken this to mean that they could freely and single-handedly decide how much trash vs. recycling they would impose on each property (maximizing on the waste costs) without any need to inform their customers that a waste assessment could or would be done and then send a bill, often 100% or more of the prior cost of collection as a “default.”

In my case, I was ambushed in October.  I was never informed about a waste assessment until after multiple calls to Republic to ascertain why my bill jumped 100%.  No one called me, no one sent a letter to let me know I can get a waste assessment.  No one at Republic was interested in the least about saving me any money.

The waste assessment that Republic claimed they did on their own resulted in doubling up everything, as if suddenly the property was generating double the trash as before the recycling program began.  If the lucky 7 trash haulers did this to everyone else, no wonder everyone’s rates went through the roof!

Republic has informed me that the City signed a contract with trash haulers that allows them to bill whatever they deem appropriate, regardless of the actual needs of the property.

Where are any limitations on what the trash haulers could charge?  Where is the requirement that they work with the owners in advance of the start of the recycling program?  Where is the oversight to make sure the new, massively overhauled system would actually work?

All you did was give the trash hauling franchises free reign to do was they please and a monopoly over property owners who can no longer engage in competitive pricing to curb the exorbitant, excess billing or failure on the part of the haulers to collect the trash!

To add insult to injury, this monopoly contract allows for annual increases.  Every year, regardless of market conditions, actual costs to the trash haulers, or any economic data whatsoever, the monopolies are entitled to increase rates, higher and higher.  Where does it end???

Do we live in a democracy or a totalitarian state?  The Contracts Clause of the United States Constitution prohibits government from “impairing the obligation of contracts.”  All property owners had contracts with the trash haulers they worked with and had the right to terminate those contracts with one company to give the business to another trash hauling company of their choice to keep them in check.

By superceding all those contracts and supplanting them with a citywide contract, the City has violated the Constitution.  And… made a huge, stinky mess to boot!  The issue will not just die away.  It requires the leadership and good governance of the elected officials who created the mess.

  • The City must open up the franchises to allow for free market competition.
  • The City must put limits on how and what the trash hauling franchises can charge.
  • The City must impose fines for failure to collect the trash – a health and safety threat.
  • The City must institute oversight to ensure that the trash is collected at a fair rate so that the trash haulers can make a reasonable (and I do mean objectively reasonable) profit without gouging property owners in the process.

We are looking to you, Mr. Mayor and to the City Council to correct the grave errors that have been made.  Property owners have rights and the rights we are advocating for are in the interest of our tenants and the general health and safety of the public.  All of us collectively are a huge voting block and will make our voices heard at the ballot.

Government is broken.  Do not allow Los Angeles to deteriorate as Washington DC has.  PLEASE ADDRESS THE HEALTH AND SAFETY MESS WHICH OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS ARE MEANT TO PREVENT.

Very sincerely yours, Linda Spiegel, Glencrest, LLC.


Dan’s Note:   Please make a copy of this letter and deliver it to Mayor Garcetti and the City Council members. We need to educate them on what’s going on.  Contact information for each is listed below:


Mayor of Los Angeles

Eric GarcettiCity Hall, 200 N. Spring Street Rm #303, Los Angeles, CA, 90012
[email protected] – (213) 978-0600

Mailing address for All City Council Members
City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street (Rm.#), Los Angeles, CA 90012

District 1 – Gil Cedillo:
[email protected] or room 460
(213) 473-7001 or (323) 550-1538

District 2 – Paul Krekorian:
[email protected] or room 435
(213)473-7002 or (818)755-7676

District 3 Bob Blumenfield:
[email protected] or room 415
(213) 473-7003 or (818) 774-4330

District 4David Ryu:
[email protected] or room 425
(213)473-7004 or (323)957-6415

District 5 Paul Koretz:
[email protected] or room 440
(213) 473-7005 or (323) 866-1828

District 6Nury Martinez:
[email protected] or room 470
(213)473-7006 or (818)778-4999

District 7 Monica Rodriguez:
[email protected] or room 455
(213)473-7007 or (818)756-8409

District 8 Marqueece Harris- Dawson:
[email protected]
or room 450 – (213)473-7008 or (213)485-7616

District 9 – Curren Price:
[email protected] or room 420
(213)473-7008 or (213)485-7616

District 10Herb Wesson (President):
[email protected] or room 430
(213)473-7010 or (323)733-8233

District 11 Mike Bonin:
[email protected] or room 475
(213)473-7011 or (310)575-8461

District 12Mitchell Englander:
(President pro tempore): or room 405
[email protected]

District 13 – Mitch O’Farrell:
[email protected] or room 480
(213)473-7013 or (213)207-3015

District 14 – Jose Huizar:
[email protected] or room 465
(213)473-7014 or (323)526-9332

District 15 – Joe Buscaino:
[email protected] or room 410
(213)473-7015 or (310)732-4515



Help Stop the Trash Monopoly!