This article was posted on Thursday, Aug 01, 2019

Here is an update on last month’s Concord City Council meeting regarding city recommendations:

Just Cause Defeated!

“Just Cause” eviction was defeated! There was a strong turnout of owner coalitions which outweighed tenant activists. I believe AOA’s email blast assisted with the turnout.

City Council Considerations

Below are items still being considered:

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  • Both the Rent Review program (non-binding) and 
  • A new administrative law judge for a binding decision. 
  • They are also considering keeping the 10% rent increases for three or more properties or … if Assemblyman Chui’s bill is passed then they will be using the California state bill.

Relocation Fees

Relocation fees are still on the table.  I explained to the Concord city council that currently, Oakland has a federal court case regarding this – Ballinger v City of Oakland.  It will be interesting to see the vote soon.

 “Notice of Availability” – New Required Form

The Concord Notice of Availability – (City of Concord’s Residential Rent Review Program) – MUST be provided to tenant’s along with all notifications of rent increases.  The form will be available on the city’s web site.