This article was posted on Friday, Jun 14, 2024

We’re working to protect your rights in Pasadena and we need your help. This week at the Pasadena Rental Housing Board meeting, the unelected and unaccountable Board members chose to keep Ryan Bell as the chair of their group. Bell has previously stated that he wants to turn your rental property into publicly owned housing. Read Article Here

For well over a year, the Pasadena Rental Housing Board hasn’t worked. It is legally mandated to be composed primarily of tenants who don’t own property and therefore cannot understand the business of rental property. This could be fixed with the following five changes to Chapter 18 of the City Charter. Read Chapter 18 Here

  1. Create a fair, inclusive and equitable Rental Board by expanding it to include landlords (Section 1811.a)
  2. Reduce the burden on small owners by exempting single family homes, condos, co-ops, ADUs, and properties with six or fewer units in line with existing zoning codes, and Section 8 tenants (Section 1804.a.4 and 1805.a.6)
  3. Allow half of the rental registry tax to be passed on to tenants like other cities do. Both tenants and landlords would have “skin in the game” and to ensure equity, economical spending and decision making. (Section 1811.l.A)
  4. Fix the unclear enforcement mechanism that criminalizes landlords for failing to comply with this complex and contradictory Measure (Section 1817.g and 1817.h)
  5. Ensure a real “right of fair return” instead of the activist’s complex, unclear and unfair definition. This should be resolved through Regulation, NOT through Charter definitions (Section 1813.b)

We can all fight back together to protect our property rights on Monday June 17th when the City Council debates changes to the City Charter and Rental Board membership structure. We’ve met with elected officials and senior members of City staff to make a case for reasonable and fair changes. Many of them understand and agree with us….but we need your engagement.

You can best help by coming to City Hall on Monday night at 5:30 PM, filling out a speaker card and speaking in public comment on item #17.

You may also use the online dial-in Click Here to Call In. Whether or not you can make it on Monday, please help by sending emails to council members:

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Mayor Victor Gordo: [email protected]

Vice-Mayor, CD6 Steve Madison: [email protected]

Tyron Hampton, CD1: [email protected]

Felicia Williams, CD2: [email protected]

Justin Jones, CD3: [email protected]

Gene Masuda, CD4: [email protected]

Jess Rivas, CD5: [email protected]

Jason Lyon, CD7: [email protected]

You may also go to the City of Pasadena webpage and contact council members and city staff here: City Contacts Here

In your email, please bring up some or all of these points. Please tell your own story as someone who provides comfortable and safe housing to residents of Pasadena and how you hope to continue.

 Please do your best to write, speak or both. Measure H passed because property owners didn’t engage. This is our opportunity to let our elected representatives hear our voices.


Pasadena Housing Providers