This article was posted on Monday, Feb 01, 2016

The media filmed our rally to end automatic citizenship outside the Reagan Library.  I gave interviews to the L.A. Times and others but there was only coverage of the debate.  It was good that we were there, because across the street were the Azteca dancers waiving the Mexican flags; many were yelling at us, as activists on our side waved American flags. 

Donald Trump rolled down his window to wave as he entered the library.  The activists have eight, eight-foot wide banners reading in red:  Congress – End “Birthright Citizenship” Myth.

There is a group committed to showing these signs at presidential candidate and other events; eventually “the myth” will be exposed in the news. This is our time and we have to make the best of it to wake up Congress to act on ending this fiscal drain on taxpayers.  Rep. Steve King, author of HR 140 to end birthright citizenship, spoke out that this goal has been immeasurably helped by the issue being discussed among presidential candidate 

Illegal Migration

Cuban illegal migration into the U.S. is exploding.  ICE reported 18,250 have attempted to enter through Texas this year.  There has been a 52% increase in Central American kids crossing the border since August 2014.  Since last October 1st, 35,000 kids alone and 34,500 families with kids from Central American have illegally invaded our borders.  Congress hasn’t stopped that border invasion either.

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Breitbart reported that 87% of illegal aliens access one or more welfare programs compared to 52% for native born households.  Most take advantage of food stamps and Medicaid due to having an anchor baby.  Illegals can get 18 years of welfare for their “jackpots” in California because the welfare office knows they can’t legally work, but can get citizenship and benefits for their births.

In 1993, Senator Reid asked, “What sane nation does that?”  Currently, eight percent of the births are to illegal aliens.  Ending the citizenship myth is crucial and it doesn’t take a constitutional amendment, just the will of Congress to act.

The U.S. could take some lessons from Great Britain, where the government is telling landlords they must evict illegals or face jail time. The U.S. isn’t going to solve its problem until E-Verify, the federal work database that determines lawful status, is nationwide.  Only eight states currently require the use of E-Verify.  Please recall that the U.S. is paying disability and welfare to eight million able-bodied citizens and legal residents.   There are 5.2 million presently receiving unemployment insurance. 

Fast Facts

  • The Chinese are involved with visa fraud by committing fake marriages to gain permanent residency.
  • The U.S. will make 20,000 visas and 40,000 (temporary?) visas available for Syrians to migrate here.  Their top destinations are Key Biscayne, FL, San Diego and Tucson.
  • In addition to the H1B visa, Congress has the L-1 visa which has no skill requirements or labor standards.  These L-1 visa holders are alien workers from multinational corporations assigned to work at the U.S. facility.  Fiscal year 2013 showed 500,000 workers gained entry with 200,000 dependents who are also permitted to work.  It is suspected these corporations are benefitting from cheap labor.
  • A huge crime spike in sanctuary city, San Francisco.  Since 2011, Judicial Watch reported murders have increased 55% and rape 370%.  North Carolina needs the governor’s signature on a bill that ends sanctuary cities, requires partial E-Verify, prohibits city, count and Matricula Consular ID and allows only state ID. 

The ACLU is at it again, this time securing court hearings for over 900 mentally disabled illegals who will be allowed to return here and go to court to stay their deportations; thousands more have applied.  Los Angeles federal judge Dolly Gee ruled that the mentally disabled have a right to paid legal representation in deportation proceedings and the Justice Department followed that order even though that contradicts federal law.  The ACLU knows how to “judge shop” and negotiate deals with the courts.  Expect many more to claim “mental problems” as their way to stay in the USA.

“Taxpayer Revolution” will continue to be a voice for all of us in front of candidates, the media and Congress.  We will keep pushing congressmen to deport illegal criminals and end automatic citizenship. 

Taxpayer Revolution is a Voter Education and Registration Organization in San Diego, California and is funded solely through contributions.  To donate, visit