This article was posted on Sunday, Apr 01, 2018
  • Tenant Death

Under California law, if a tenant dies in your unit, you must disclose this fact to perspective applicants for a three-year period. The only exception is if the tenant died of aids.

  • Sex Crimes

It is considered discriminatory not to lease to persons guilty of sex crimes IF you learned about their convictions on the Megan’s website.

  • Serving 3-Day Notices

If you serve a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday – the tenant will have through Monday midnight to pay the rent.

  • Renters’ Insurance

Landlords can require tenants to procure personal property insurance, so that the landlord will not be responsible for any loss to the tenant’s personal property.

  • Security Deposit Refund

Landlords have a responsibility to send a written itemization for the security deposit, whether the tenant is evicted, dies, skips on an existing lease or vacates after proper notice.

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  • Service/Emotional Support Animal

Landlords cannot charge an additional security deposit or additional rent if a tenant brings in a service or an emotional support animal.

  • Guests

If you have a guest stay at your residence 30 days or longer, you would need to go through a formal eviction process to have that person removed from the property.

  • Serving a Notice to Move

A 30 day or 60 day notice to quit can be served by certified mail. No posting is required.

  • Paying Rent

If rent is payable on the first of each month, and the first is a Sunday, the tenant will have through the next business day to pay the rent.


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